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Aether Virtual Airways Handbook

To email the CEO

Founded: August 15th 2009
Founder: Ryan L. Reynolds

Our Mission:

To maintain a realistic and entertaining virtual experience of flying aircraft meanwhile visiting the far reaches of the world all while having fun.


Airline Protocols:

Airport Hubs

Listed below are the 7 proposed hubs of Aether Virtual Airways. They were picked solely upon geographic location and their lack of proximity to the other respective hubs.

The hubs that are colored green are active and have a Hub Manager. The hubs that are colored red are inactive and have no Hub Manager.

Any member wishing to apply to be a Hub Manager should contact the CEO via email. Enclosed should be the memberís name, email address, and any deemed worthwhile reason to be considered for the position of the hubís manager.

Any flight made for this airline will either depart or arrive at one of the managed hubs.

Aircraft and Roles

Aether Virtual Airways, in its infancy, will support four different aircraft for four respective roles. This is only logical so that the airline does not use an aircraft for a flight for which it was not intended. For example, you would not see a real-world airline using a Boeing 747 to fly from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale. Therefore the Aircraft picked are assigned for flights that are more appropriately suited to their real-world purpose.

Type      Distance      Aircraft        Seats
Local: 0 - 99 nm Beechcraft 1 crew
King Air 350 9 pass
Regional: 100-299 nm Bombardier 4 crew
CRJ7007 78 pass
trnsctl: 300-1999nm Boeing 2 crew
737 *162 pass
Intrctl: 2000nm-• Boeing 2 crew
747 *416 pass

* denotes a selected seating chart
Exceptions are as follows:
Charter flights for large groups of people for short distances

Flight plans

Aether Virtual Airways uses a numerical reference system to label any flight plan.

The first number denotes the hub that is involved in a given flight plan.

The second number denotes the type of flight and thus the type of aircraft to be used.
1. Local
2. Regional
3. Transcontinental
4. Intercontinental

The Third number denotes the city at the opposite end of the flight. There are 28 default flight plans for the airline. New flight plans will be added on a basis of congestion and/or monotony.

Flight plan Codes
Ref Dept/Arrv By City
1.1.1 KJFK/KPHL New York/Philadelphia
1.2.1 KJFK/KBOS New York/Boston
1.3.1 KJFK/KDFW New York/Dallas-Fort Worth
1.4.1 KJFK/EGLL New York/London, England
2.1.1 KMIA/KFLL Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
2.2.1 KMIA/KTPA Miami/Tampa
2.3.1 KMIA/KSTL Miami/St. Louis
2.4.1 KMIA/LEMD Miami/Madrid, Spain
3.1.1 KORD/KMKE Chicago/Milwaukee
3.2.1 KORD/KDTW Chicago/Detroit
3.3.1 KORD/KABQ Chicago/Albuquerque
3.4.1 KORD/BIRK Chicago/Reykjavik, Iceland
4.1.1 KIAH/KGLS Houston/Galveston
4.2.1 KIAH/KSAT Houston/San Antonio
4.3.1 KIAH/KSLC Houston/Salt Lake City
4.4.1 KIAH/SBGL Houston/Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
5.1.1 KDEN/KCOS Denver/Colorado Springs
5.2.1 KDEN/KSAF Denver/Santa Fe
5.3.1 KDEN/KPIT Denver/Pittsburgh
5.4.1 KDEN/PANC Denver/Anchorage, Alaska
6.1.1 KSEA/KOLM Seattle/Olympia
6.2.1 KSEA/KPDX Seattle/Portland
6.3.1 KSEA/KMEM Seattle/Memphis
6.4.1 KSEA/RJBB Seattle/Osaka, Japan
7.1.1 KLAX/KPSp Los Angeles/Palm Springs
7.2.1 KLAX/KLAS Los Angeles/Las Vegas
7.3.1 KLAX/KMSY Los Angeles/New Orleans
7.4.1 KLAX/YSSY Los Angeles/Sydney, Australia

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